About Us

Welcome to BRAUM Racing UK, your exclusive destination for BRAUM seats, operated by TORQEN. We're here to fuel your passion for motorsports and bring you closer to the thrilling world of racing.


BRAUM's journey began when the founders noticed a gap in the market for racing seats and motorsports safety equipment that balanced quality and affordability. With over two decades of experience in automotive retail and manufacturing, and a deep-seated passion for purpose-built race cars, they developed BRAUM. Today, BRAUM is synonymous with functionality, high quality and affordability.


At BRAUM Racing UK, we're proud to distribute BRAUM products across the UK and Europe. Our range includes racing seats, seat brackets, harnesses, harness bars, and accessories, all designed to equip every enthusiast with the safety, performance, and peace of mind needed to succeed on and off the track. We believe that a love for cars should be all one needs to enter the fascinating world of motorsports. That's why we prioritise function over form.


Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, available in a variety of materials like leatherette and suede, and an exciting range of colours, but they also perform their function well and for a long time.


Managed by TORQEN, we're committed to keeping BRAUM at the forefront of motorsports innovation, providing the best deals for the everyday enthusiast.


Count on us to stay at the top of the game and to continually strive for excellence for years to come. So, join us as we bring the best of BRAUM to the UK and Europe. We're glad to have you here at BRAUM Racing UK.