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BRAUM Universal Dual Lock Slider

BRAUM Universal Dual Lock Slider

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If you’re in the market for an aftermarket seat, chances are you’ll need mounting hardware made specifically for your vehicle. This means that, in addition to seat brackets, you will also sliders. Sliders are the part of your seat that allows you to make horizontal adjustments (front/back) to your seating position. Without them you would most likely have to choose a fixed seating position and bolt down your seat so that it’s always in that position. If you want to retain this adjustability, our sliders will allow you to do that. They go between your aftermarket seat and seat bracket. They feature a locking mechanism that is released with a pull of an extended handle, which you can reach from the front underside of your seat, similar to how most manually adjusted automotive seats are from the factory. Our sliders are high quality and durable. They lock on both sides (hence, “dual locking”) for safe and secure adjustments.

Note: If you have already purchased our seats, you won’t need an extra set of sliders since it’s already been included on your seats purchase. (Except FALCON X, FALCON S Fixed Back & FALCON R Series)

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